Taiwan [Part Two]

January 25, 2013

Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan / blog.jchongstudio.com
while there is definitely a lot to EAT in taiwan – i did take some time to explore some scenic non-food related spots in taiwan. first stop was sun moon lake (thanks for the recommendation joanna!). at sun moon lake we woke up early, hiked along a path in attempts to see this beautiful sunrise people always rave about but the weather gods weren't working in our favor. the skies were cloudy and gray and you couldn't see much of a sunrise. it was a bit disappointing, since we didn't have enough time to spend multiple days there but later that day the sun came out and it was gorgeous. we biked around the lake and had some tea eggs and then headed back to taiwan.

Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan / blog.jchongstudio.com
Yehliu Geological Park, Taiwan / blog.jchongstudio.com
the next day we were off to check out yehliu geological park. spent a few hours wandering around exploring and being mesmerized by mother nature. the rock formations had these beautiful textures that reminded me of a marble cake! (yes, it is true i think about food all the time) afterwards we took a cab over to jeufen for dinner.

Yehliu Geological Park, Taiwan / blog.jchongstudio.com
Yehliu Geological Park, Taiwan / blog.jchongstudio.com
Jeufun, Taiwan / blog.jchongstudio.com

Taiwan [Part One]

January 18, 2013

Taiwan / http://blog.jchongstudio.com
oh taiwan how my belly misses you so! after japan i hopped over to taiwan for literally not stop eating and a few sites in between.

one of my favorite things to eat is beef noodle soup, it's my comfort food. braised beef and chinese noodles in a beef broth top with vegetables usually cooked for a few hours it is so delicious. if you live in los angeles a & j and sinbala are two of my favorite places to get beef noodle soup.

95% of the food i ate in taiwan was street food. with a ton of street markets to choose from your tummy is never disappointed. i probably had these "pulled" green onion pancakes every day, they are chewy, flakey and savory – delicious by themselves with some hot sauce or some eggs.

if you love street food, taiwan isn't a place to be missed. i left with a happy stomach and ripped jeans (no joke!).


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