Peru [Part Four]

July 26, 2011

day four - a 3:45am wake up call to hike to intipunku, or the sun gate to finally reach machu picchu. oh what a site, you can definitely take the train as an alternative instead of hike your way to machu – but the scenery you see along the way is breath taking, no photo will ever do it justice.


Peru [Part Three]

July 25, 2011

day three - a long day of hiking down and up hills with a few few ruins inbetween - i loved all the colors of the growing flower/plants between the ruins.


Peru [Part Two]

July 22, 2011

and the hike begins! day one - mostly flat rolling hills along the river. all along the way porters carried food and cooking supplies to prepare our meals. day two – five hour uphill battle to the highest point known as "dead woman's pass", thankfully we were well prepared for our trip so the uphill wasn't as painful as we had expected.

there are so many photos i wanted to share, so more post to come next week! hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Peru [Part One]

July 21, 2011

Cusco, Peru
we started our trip in cusco/cuzco - a beautiful quant little city in southeast peru. we spent three days here before the start of our four day adventure hike to manchu picchu in order to get acclimated. the weather was nice in the 70's in the day but chillier at night - much like southern california winters. they had these great alleyways that were fun to photograph.

we picked up some eats at a few different places including pastries from meli melo and huevos rancheros + a mango pancake from jack's cafe. two of my favorite dishes [not pictured] was the rocoto rellleno from quinta eulalai and the cuy pequinés from chi cha.

more to come on the inca hike tomorrow!



July 19, 2011

i am back from peru, what a wonderful trip. i am going through my photos and will have a full photo update later this week - hope you all had a wonderful start to your week.


Happy Weekend - (and week!)

July 08, 2011

happy friday! i am off to peru to hike the inca trail i'll be back in a week - so it will be a bit quiet around here till then! i hope you all have a wonderful weekend and week.

if you're interested in seeing some snapshots of my travels be sure to follow where i'll try to post whenever i have wifi connections!


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