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October 01, 2014

Have you guys heard of Life&Thyme? It's an online magazine (and hopefully soon to be print - more on that below...) focused on food culture and filled with stunning photography. A couple of weeks ago I was honored to be able to share my photo essay from my trip to Tsukiji Fish Market on Life & Thyme. I hope you all take a moment to check it out!

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Life and Thyme has become a site that I love checking and reading – the photography and stories are beautiful so I am really excited to see this online publication come to life. BUT they need our help! Take a moment to check out their kickstarter below and contribute a few if you can.


Nagano, Japan | Snow Monkey Park

January 04, 2013

without a doubt the most memorable and amazing experience in japan was seeing the snow monkeys in nagano. the morning started off a little rough, we got little sleep because we woke up early to head to the tsujiki fish market, right after we left the market we took a three hour train ride to nagano. the weather in nagano was much colder, and it had been raining – we arrived in the late afternoon hungry but determined to visit the snow monkeys before the park closed.

Kyoto, Japan [Part Two]

December 21, 2012

we had some tasty udon right before we visited the kiyomizu-dera temple – the temple was heavily crowded (on a thursday), which was a bit of a disappointment, but it was a great view of the city. i know people love kyoto for the temples and shrines but my favorite part was nishiki market! lots and lots of food, more so groceries than a street food type of market. some of the vendors let you sample their food which was a nice little perk to help us decide if we wanted to buy!

Kyoto, Japan [Part One]

December 18, 2012

kyoto was a beautiful city, i had heard so many great things about it from friends and got some awesome travel tips from jeanine. i really enjoyed the contrast of roaming around kyoto versus the crowded streets of tokyo. there are so many temples and shrines in kyoto it was impossible to see them all while we were there. here are some pictures from our visit to the fushimi inari-taisha shrine and walking around the streets of kyoto.

Osaka, Japan | Yamazaki Distillery

December 12, 2012

if you know me personally you'll know that i don't drink, but when all your travel buddies are excited about yamazaki whisky we had to make a trip to the distillery. while the tour itself wasn't that exciting (they provided english translator headsets but the audio was much longer than the physical tour itself) it was a beautiful space that i loved photographing.

Tokyo, Japan [Part Two]

December 10, 2012

Tokyo, Japan / Jennifer Chong
you can't be a food lover and not visit the tsukiji fish market right? my friends and i woke up at 4am to check this out, although i have to admit i was a little disappointed because you don't get a whole lot of information from the tuna auction. however it was still a sight to see.

Tokyo, Japan / Jennifer Chong

Tokyo, Japan [Part One]

December 05, 2012

Tokyo, Japan / Jennifer ChongTokyo, Japan / Jennifer Chong
i can't believe its been over a month since i left for japan and taiwan. it was such an amazing trip, i don't even know where to begin! japan was absolutely amazing, i really wish i was able to spend more time there, note to future japan travelers 10 days is not enough! i was drawn to the people, the food (not surprisingly) and their efficiency. i'll be sharing a few pictures from my trip over the next few weeks – i hope you enjoy them!

one of my favorite meals in tokyo was from a little hole in the wall ramen place. you ordered the ramen at a vending machine and it disposed a ticket that you gave to a waiter standing by. it was the most delicious ramen – and the egg was so amazing.

Tokyo, Japan / Jennifer Chong

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