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July 31, 2014

Dragon Fruit Smoothie / blog.jchongstudio.com
So excited to share this Dragon Fruit Smoothie with you all today. But first what is the #foodpornindex you ask? It's Bolthouse Farms initiative to change the #foodporn imbalance. If you check the #foodporn feed on Instagram you'll notice that fruits and veggies hardly ever make the cut. I LOVE having fruit as a snack but I know that those hardly get instagramed. And I’m certain that whenever donuts and ice cream appear on my feed that’s the one thing I begin to crave. In a survey 51% of American’s agreed that when they saw fruits and veggies on their social feeds they were more inclined to eat healthier foods. I'm taking part in this initiative and sharing some healthy and delicious goodness with you all today. I believe that if we all take part in this we can all be inspired to eat healthier everyday.

Dragon Fruit Smoothie / blog.jchongstudio.com
Dragon Fruit Smoothie / blog.jchongstudio.com
I had so much fun picking out the ingredients at my local Asian market and shooting this beauty. How often have you seen such a vibrant pink fruit? That pink fruit is pitaya or also known as dragon fruit. According to the internet pitaya originated in Mexico but can also be found in many parts of South East Asia. I remember seeing these all over when I was there. You can't miss them they are bright pink or red outside with a white or pink inner flesh that resembles the texture of kiwi. While you probably can't find this at your regular grocery store, you can find them at most specialty Asian stores.

I hope this inspires you to try something new and share your favorite fresh fruits and veggies with the tag #foodpornindex. Have you tried any crazy fruits and veggies lately that might inspire me to try something new? Be sure to check out foodpornindex.com – it’s a playful site with some interesting numbers and if you click through each graphic there are some fun animated features that make me happy!

Dragon Fruit Smoothie / blog.jchongstudio.com
DRAGON FRUIT SMOOTHIE print this recipe!
2 Dragon Fruits - scooped out of skin
4 Baby Bananas (or 2 Regular)
1 Cup Pineapple (frozen or fresh)
2 Cups of Coconut Water

Blueberries (or fruit of choice)
Bananas (or fruit of choice)
Coconut flakes
1. In a blender combine dragon fruit, bananas, pineapple, and coconut water and blend until smooth. I freeze my bananas and pineapple for this smoothie.
2. Top with coconut flakes, granola, and blueberries (or any fruit of your choice) and enjoy. I love the crunch of the toppings!
Dragon Fruit Smoothie / blog.jchongstudio.com



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