Almond | Newport Beach, Orange County

August 29, 2013

Almond Surfboards /
Almond Surfboards /
when i first moved to california, in attempts to meet people and be active i thought i should pick up a sport, a california sport. it was between surfing and volleyball and those who know me well, know that i love my volleyball. choosing between the two was pretty easy as i can't swim and the water is cold (i guess the first reason is a good enough one!) even though im not a surfer, i appreciate the sport and fell in love with these beautiful boards. if i ever became a surfer i'd want one of these beauties.

since i don't know anything about surfboard, chad was kind enough to give me the rundown of the boards. their staff is knowledgeable and friendly – they also carry a mens clothing line too, you can purchase online.

Heirloom Tomato and Stone Fruit Salad + {$50 Giveaway to Whole Foods Market!}

August 27, 2013

Heirloom Tomato and Stone Fruit Salad + A chance to win $50 to Whole Foods Market
i love heirloom tomatoes and stone fruits. anytime i am dining out and those items are on the menu together i am all over it! i put together this heirloom tomato and stone fruit salad inspired by some of my favorite salads i've had lately. heirloom are at the peak of the season now so hurry up and go get yourself some! if you thought the summer vegetable ceviche was like summer in a bowl this dish definitely tops that. to celebrate the last month of summer whole foods has kindly offered one of YOU $50 to your neighborhood whole foods market!

once you provide an email* or login through facebook*, there are five different ways you can enter (not all are required), every item below gets you an additional entry, good luck!

*so i can contact you if you win!

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Yoki Shop | Newport Beach, Orange County

August 22, 2013

Yoki Shop /
Yoki Shop /
Yoki Shop /
i recently visited yoki shop *thanks to devon for the tip!* in newport beach – as described on their site "yoki shop is a place where shopping is not the only objective. it is a shop where just looking and being inspired is encouraged." and inspired was exactly how i felt. the products behind yoki shop are pretty unique, designer, jeff 'yoki' yokoyama and his team (just the three of them!) make every product you see in-house by hand all from re-purposed fabric like jerseys and beach towels. i was quite impressed with the quality of everything – how well can a hoodie be made up of an old beach towel and sweatshirt? pretty darn amazing! check out their website to check out all the goods or if your local, definitely check out their shop!
Yoki Shop /

Sugarbird Sweets

August 20, 2013

Sugarbird Sweets /
Sugarbird Sweets /
Sugarbird Sweets /
last month i had the pleasure of photographing for kei okumura of sugarbird sweets, talk about fun and tasty! kei recently moved into a new kitchen and their new space is beautiful, filled with gorgeous light. i got some behind the scenes action of her team baking up some delicious treats, it smelled heavenly and it was hard to not devour everything until after we finished shooting.

her signature items are scones and teas. honestly i'm not much of a scone gal, i think they are always too dense and dry, but the scones at sugarbird sweets didn't disappoint. i tried a bite from probably every singe scone on her menu and each was soft but not too cakey and full of intense flavor – in a good way. the tea's are all crafted by kei herself, they smell and taste amazing – perfect combo with her scones.

sugarbird sweets is available online and at select retailers around los angeles. be sure to check her out if you are local (and go early!).

Let's Build a Farm Together

August 15, 2013

Let's Build a Farm Together / Please help this great Kickstarter!
Let's Build a Farm Together / Please help this great Kickstarter!
today i want to share a personal project that's close to me – over a year ago, i signed up to receive an email newsletter from a new local farm called primal pastures, they were a small farm with free-range pasture raised chickens. paul one of the farmers saw that i signed up, found my contact info and connected with me on doing some work with them. loved getting to know paul and the other farmers, we chatted a lot about healthy raised animals, golden egg yolks and their dreams of one day having enough land to fill with healthy and happy cattle, turkey, lamb and ducks.

fast forward to today and i'm happy to say that primal pastures now has enough land to make these dreams a reality, but now he needs the communities help to fill the farm. primal pastures is about providing food that we feel good about feeding to ourselves and our families – food that is raised responsibly, sustainably, and according to nature's brilliant design. there are some great rewards, for both local and non-local folks – i really love those hedley and bennett custom aprons and well, seriously their chickens and eggs are amazing. i called them golden eggs, cause they are perfectly golden. i greatly appreciate anyone who takes the time to look, contribute and/or share – every little bit counts!


Summer Vegetable 'Ceviche'

August 13, 2013

Summer Vegetable Ceviche /
i've been a bit lazy lately to cook lunch plus it gets warm in my apartment these days and the thought of turning on the stove or oven, make me want to melt. i saw this vegetable ceviche in the latest food and wine magazine by the talented green kitchen stories i couldn't wait to make it. i could make it ahead of time and eat it for lunch and if i could add some shrimp on top if i wanted some meat. i used edamame instead of lima beans but stayed pretty close to their recipe (except for my photo i forgot to add the cilantro! opps!). it's a refreshing salad i'm probably going to be making a lot over the next few weeks. what's your favorite quick lunch option?

A Visit to Cape Cod

August 06, 2013

Cape Cod /
Cape Cod /
even though i grew up in atlanta, i've lived in california for four years and there is one thing i don't miss about the east/south - the humidity! a fews ago i was in cape cod for work, it's been so long since i've been in such humidity. i couldn't take it but it was a pretty view. i ate lots of lobster rolls and clam chowder. would love to back to boston for vacation someday, maybe in the fall when it isn't so humid!

Baba Souk – {$50 GIVEAWAY!}

August 01, 2013

i've loved sharing my small shop features with you all and today i'm excited to share some fun goodies from an online shop baba souk and the best part for you? stephanie has kindly offered one of you $50 to spend in her shop! so many great things! to enter, comment below letting me know what you'd like to have in your home. for additional entry's - like my facebook page and subscribe to baba souk newsletter! keep reading below for more on stephanie's story!

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