Taiwan [Part One]

January 18, 2013

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oh taiwan how my belly misses you so! after japan i hopped over to taiwan for literally not stop eating and a few sites in between.

one of my favorite things to eat is beef noodle soup, it's my comfort food. braised beef and chinese noodles in a beef broth top with vegetables usually cooked for a few hours it is so delicious. if you live in los angeles a & j and sinbala are two of my favorite places to get beef noodle soup.

95% of the food i ate in taiwan was street food. with a ton of street markets to choose from your tummy is never disappointed. i probably had these "pulled" green onion pancakes every day, they are chewy, flakey and savory – delicious by themselves with some hot sauce or some eggs.

if you love street food, taiwan isn't a place to be missed. i left with a happy stomach and ripped jeans (no joke!).



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