Nagano, Japan | Snow Monkey Park

January 04, 2013

without a doubt the most memorable and amazing experience in japan was seeing the snow monkeys in nagano. the morning started off a little rough, we got little sleep because we woke up early to head to the tsujiki fish market, right after we left the market we took a three hour train ride to nagano. the weather in nagano was much colder, and it had been raining – we arrived in the late afternoon hungry but determined to visit the snow monkeys before the park closed.

it was about a thirty minute hike up to visit the snow monkeys but well worth the walk in the cold and rain. these monkeys were unlike any i had ever seen before. at the park you are literally right next to them, but they could care less that you were there. they relax and bath in a hot springs while you watch in fascination! they were so chill – if you are interested in seeing more check out this video it gives you a good idea of what the hot springs looks like, and how the monkeys gather and bath.

if you are going to japan, i totally think these monkeys are totally worth the trip. the park wasn't crowded at all, but im not sure if that was due to the rainy and cold weather. either way if i ever have a chance to go back i would do it in a heartbeat! i could watch these guys all day.



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