Weekend Highlights

June 25, 2012

i spent the weekend in san francisco celebrating an old friends birthday, catching up with good friends and getting to know some new friends. the more time i spend in sf the more i am tempted to move there. while im in love with the so-cal weather, sometimes nothing beats being around your 'go-to people' and being constantly inspired by the ones around you.


Explore Long Beach + Lord Windsor

June 19, 2012

since i moved here in 2009 i have to admit if im in long beach and not at the home/office i am on the beach playing volleyball. in an effort to try to explore long beach more i am starting a new column with things from long beach – it may be a slow start, but hopefully will become a weekly column soon enough! first up is lord windsor roasters! when i first heard about this place i was really excited to try it out. although i don't hang around long beach much i know we don't have anything like lord windsor roasters currently.

the space is pretty simplistic and minimal and definitely all about the coffee, with a menu selection of about ten items only available in one size. they carry a few assorted pastries from scratched but i skipped on the pastries and ordered a mocha. it was the perfect blend of coffee and chocolate and just the right sweetness, definitely will be back for more. i do want to note they are going through a bit of growing pains and had some fruit flys hanging out but hopefully they've found themselves a new home!

1101 E 3rd St
Long Beach, CA 90802


Bryce Canyon

June 11, 2012

hello! i've been consumed with work so haven't had the time to blog much but to those who have been checking back, thanks for reading! here are some photos from a road trip i took over memorial weekend to bryce canyon. if you've never been put it on your go-to list for the future. photos just don't do this place any justice, i was completely taken away by the natural beauty of this place.

we spent two nights in bryce in this awesome tipi, which was quite an experience. have you ever stayed in a tipi?


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