Twenty Eight

December 20, 2011

28i've never been big on birthdays, i generally stay pretty low key and usually spend the day working and a nice dinner in the evening. this year will be the same but i have to say i am sort of excited for year twenty eight. who knew getting 'older' would be so exciting, 26 was bleh, 27 just got better as the days went by, so 28 i am ready for you!


Georgia on my Mind

December 15, 2011

i haven't been very good a posting consistently lately. i've got an exciting project i am working on this weekend that i am prepping for and then i am off to atlanta. post will likely be sporadic till the new year but wishing everyone a happy holiday!


The Millers

December 12, 2011

Millersa few weeks ago i was asked to shoot the miller's apartment in seal beach, thought i would share a few photos from her space. beside having a great apartment with a full patio – i loved the way jillian placed these adorable little trinkets that she had been collecting throughout her travels all around the apartment.


Happy Friday!

December 09, 2011

happy friday everyone! it's been a wonderful week for me personally and i am excited for the weekend. i'll be spending part of my weekend baking for a few holiday parties and volunteering at help portrait! i hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Photography Fun

December 07, 2011

photogifta few fun things for those who love all things photo!

one. instax two. camera strap three. 4gb usb film roll four. ona camera bag five. popeye camera six. fish eye gold edition

Tartine Bakery

December 05, 2011

TartineTartinewhile i was in san francisco for thanksgiving i definitely did some indulging and had some wonderful things from tartine bakery. my friend has been raving about their ham and cheese croissant she says it is one of the best thing she ever ate and the morning bun was listed as 7x7 top 100 things you had to try before you die. so you can't go without trying those things right? and just because we were being thankful... some banana cream pie! everything was quite tasty the layers in the croissant were just buttery, flakey, awesomness!


Happy Weekend!

December 02, 2011

bigsurit's time for the weekend again! yipee - here is a picture from my last weeks trip to big sur, that place is beautiful. hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


fun for food lovers

December 01, 2011

i don't want to call it a gift guide... because this might be the only guide i make – so lets just call it fun things for food lovers! some unique fun and tasty looking things i'd like in my kitchen.

one. tcho chocolates two. il boschetto spice grinders three. salt cellar four. teak jar five. camano coffee mill six. teak measuring spoons seven. viltri storage containers

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