February 28, 2011

Stripeslately i've had a mild (okay maybe more than mild) obsession with stripes.

one. felt folk stripes two. thin stripe pack three. j.crew stripe button back four. marc jacobs striped ipad case five. kahler omaggio bowls

impossible prints

February 25, 2011

i'm on the search for some new prints to fill the wall in my living space. i am really loving these from this is workshop available at counter-objects

image from this is workshop

sticky rice

February 24, 2011

one of my favorite things to eat in thailand and laos was the sticky rice, i've had it when i lived at home but never learned how to make it. when my aunt came last week she taught me and i've successfully made some on my own! it's so easy — maybe i'll make a step by step guide.

photo by j.chong

midway ice castles

February 23, 2011

this is one amazing ice castle created by brent christensen. it's located in midway, utah – this castle is now on my to-visit list!

photo by shutterstein

work-life balance

February 22, 2011

this is a video definitely worth watching. what he says is so true... you can't leave your work-life balance up to your job, you have to be in control.

via swissmiss

{snapshop} flowers from melody

February 21, 2011

thanks miss sweet melody for the lovely flowers!

photo by j.chong

tomo kohsaka photography

February 18, 2011

are you drooling yet? check out the beautiful photography portfolio of tomo kohsaka. so full of color and deliciousness!

photo by tomo kohsaka

thursday thoughts

February 17, 2011

onethingjust a little reminder to take one thing at a time

image by ali edwards

hsi lai temple

February 16, 2011

my mom, aunt and cousin were in town this weekend and they wanted to check out hsi lai temple in hacienda heights. the place was busy with people celebrating the new year and they had some sort of ceremony too... but i didn't really understand. the temple is huge and you feel like your in another world if you're looking for a cultural experience in the los angeles area.

photo by j.chong


February 10, 2011

Doppellebenspeaking of new desk - this concept by ahhaproject might be the one. work table by day... then dining table at night how perfect is that?

via swissmiss

do good

February 09, 2011

kickstartmy talented friend and photographer trevor clark is going to uganda to help tell a GOOD story. will you help him take it to the next level? read more about the story here.


Chevron Casehow beautiful is this "case"? i don't know how much protecting it will really do, but if i had an iphone 4 i would consider purchasing this from lazerwood.

photos by lazerwood

dumpling party

February 08, 2011

Dumpling Partylast week was chinese new year so we celebrated over the weekend with a dumpling making party! we made all the dumplings from scratch. the dumplings on the left we used store bought wrappers and the ones on the right were homemade wrappers. we didn't really follow a recipe but rather free-formed our recipe but if your looking for a place to start check out this recipe by jennifer yu from userealbutter.coom

juice/milk box

February 04, 2011

Milk Juice CameraoOoO it's a juice box no it's a milk box no... it's a camera!!! this has got to be one of the cutest 35mm cameras ever! i really want one now... get yours over at four corner store.

photos from four corner store

thursday thoughts

February 03, 2011

sometimes you just have you remember to find balance. designed by courtney eliseo of design work life.

via motherland

beautiful type

February 02, 2011


cruising around the internet and stumbled upon the beautiful hand lettering work by mariya miteva of ornamelle. isn't it lovely? stop by her blog to see more

lettering by mariya miteva

yeah! burger

February 01, 2011

Yeah-Burgeri've been wanting to try yeah! burger since they opened in june. i finally got to this time i was home and i have to say if you're in atlanta and you haven't been yet go now! the place has a fun modern design and fried pickles to die for (and a very good burger too!)

photos by j.chong full review on yelp

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