hello desk where are you?

January 31, 2011

since i moved two years ago i've been on the hunt for the perfect desk for my space. of course the perfect desk comes at a hefty price so i am still using my little $25 ikea desk. i am feeling like i need some change in my apartment again so im searching for a desk again, here are a few on my lust list.

one. west elm pratt desk two. herman miller airia desk three. cb2 darjeeling dining table [it could double as a desk!] four. nelson for herman miller swag desk five. blue dot desk 51

flickr friday

January 28, 2011

isn't this "snoutlet" by brock davis funny?

photo by brock davis

thursday thoughts

January 27, 2011

a good guide too follow. designed by francesca ramos

via christine martinez pinterest

monkey snack sacks

January 26, 2011

how adorable are these screen printed lunch sacks by shay ometz and jeff barfoot of beethings. i would definitely carry my lunch in this.

photo by beethings

off to atlanta

January 25, 2011

i am heading off to atlanta this week for a friends winter wedding. although atlanta is not as cold as new york or chicago and all the snow from the snow storm has melted. i am not quite sure i am prepared for the cold, i've adjusted to my california living and 75ยบ winters. lets hope all my layers will keep me warm!

photo by lucy luo

anthropologie love

January 24, 2011

since ive been home i can't seem to get enough of shopping... maybe since i was out for all the holidays i feel like i need to catch up. heres a few of my favorite things i wish i could have from anthropologie.

one. easy peasy blazer two. paint box blouse three. firewing blouse four. geometry in motion five. creased swirls corset  six. taking turns top

flickr friday

January 21, 2011

andrew smithisn't this photo by andrew smith of cuba gallery just dreamy? he has an amazing collection of photos on flickr go and check it out now!

photo by andrew smith

next destination

i know i might have just gotten back from an amazing adventure but im ready to plan the next one. i've been trying to get permits to the "wave" coyote buttes south in utah (pictured left) for a year now, maybe this year will be my lucky year. also plan on hiking the inca trail too.

photo of the wave by coulombic / photo of machu picchu by slack12

halong bay vietnam

January 20, 2011

Halong Bayone of my favorite places in southeast asia was halong bay. we sat on a boat for 3 days enjoying the view of all the islands, kayaking and eating delicious fresh homemade meals. it is definitely a must visit place! for more photos from my southeast asia trip check out my flickr.

teaching in thailand

January 19, 2011

Childreni really had an amazing time volunteering and traveling in asia. if you're interested in going to thailand to teach i would highly recommend isan survivor. you get to live with a thai family and get immersed into their thai culture - simply wonderful!

peter crawley

January 18, 2011

peter crawleypeter crawleyoh some amazing and beautiful stitched illustrations by peter crawley

art by peter crawley

flickr friday

January 14, 2011

The Moon from Thailand
i am working on downloading all my photos and processing them from my trip here is a peak at the moon in thailand one night.

image by j.chong

dear blank please

January 13, 2011

i just discovered this site called dear blank please blank where people submit funny sayings such as the below...

Dear fruits & vegetables,
Stop pressuring me to pick a side.
Sincerely, tomatoes

Dear Internet Explorer,
Thank you for being the #1 browser that people use to download a better browser.
Sincerely, Safari, Firefox and Chrome

thursday thoughts / should i work for free?

this poster by jessica hische made me laugh out loud, love it.

design by jessica hische

{snapshop} southeast asia + taiwan

January 12, 2011

southeast asia
happy new year! trying to catch up on email and reader and upload photos since i've been back, if your interested in looking at some mobile snapshots of my trip head over to my tumblr jchongsnaps.tumblr.com

image by j.chong from left to right 1. chiang mai, thailand 2. luang prabang, laos 3. halong bay, vietnam 4. taipei, taiwan

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