Tartine Bakery

December 05, 2011

TartineTartinewhile i was in san francisco for thanksgiving i definitely did some indulging and had some wonderful things from tartine bakery. my friend has been raving about their ham and cheese croissant she says it is one of the best thing she ever ate and the morning bun was listed as 7x7 top 100 things you had to try before you die. so you can't go without trying those things right? and just because we were being thankful... some banana cream pie! everything was quite tasty the layers in the croissant were just buttery, flakey, awesomness!



Krystal said...

Oh sweet buttery blissful heaven. I loved all of this when I visited SF. That banana cream pie looks EPIC!! DROOL!

Missy said...

Oh yes, my friend took me there when I was in SF a few weeks ago. The line was ridiculous, but woooowww, so good. I had the coconut cream pie, holy moly.

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