ramen crackers

October 18, 2010

Ramen Crackers

i used to always take little bites of ramen before dropping it into the boiling water. i just discovered these ramen crackers at the asian market – they have different types and flavors from soy sauce to japanese bbq to mexican spice.

for those of you not near an asian market looks like you can purchase them online here

{snapshop} julian serrano

October 17, 2010

julian serrano
julian serrano . las vegas

timbuk2 camera bag

October 16, 2010

i'm pretty sure that i have been waiting for this snoop camera bag bytimbuk2 to come out for the last 4 years. why did it take them so long!?

{snapshop} sweet chill

October 14, 2010

sweet chill
sweet chill . las vegas

photo by j.chong

multi-colored macarons

October 12, 2010

Macarons at Bottega Louie

macarons anyone? colorful macarons from bottega louie

photo by j.chong

burma superstar

October 11, 2010

Burma Superstar
loving this adorable logo for burma superstar restaurant in san francisco. does anyone know who designed it?

looking forward to trying their food at the end of this month!

flickr friday

October 08, 2010

fall on the west coast just isn't the same as the east, but im starting to feel the shift in weather and it feels great.

photo by ole martin buene

under pressure

October 07, 2010

check out this awesome video

thursday thoughts

Freya Art & Design

ready for my next adventure.

illustration by freya


October 06, 2010

check out these fun o'clock watches, and adorable packaging. i'd like one in every color please.


October 04, 2010


a picture from the weekend.

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