ok go - white knuckles

September 29, 2010

well how adorable is this video?

thursday thoughts

September 23, 2010

i'd like to do this everyday...

image from hazel weatherfield


September 20, 2010

i love mangosteens, but they are hard to find in the us. luckily, i was able to find some at the asian market this weekend, they might be a little pricey but they are worth a try if you've never had them! sweet and juicy with a little seed in each segment.

asian markets

happy monday, how was your weekend? the highlight of my weekend was going to the asian market in westminster on bolsa avenue. so awesome! i felt like i was actually in asia.

photo by j.chong

i pretend to work

September 16, 2010


only sometimes :) print by andy smith

image from andy smith

i miss ny... food

September 09, 2010


i've been missing new york food lately... not even any specific food, i would just like to hop on a plane to ny now for some tasty treats.


September 08, 2010

in san diego my friend introduced me to tacos el paisa – great place for tacos and melon juice! i ordered the carne asada and fish taco both were delicious, they also have this incredible melon juice that taste like they squeezed the ripest melon into a styrofoam cup so refreshing. they had a few different flavors of drinks that i'll have to try next time!

happy tuesday

September 07, 2010

San Diego

did you have a good holiday weekend? i took a day trip to san diego, we did a leisurely hike at the beautiful torrey pines and walked around balboa park. what did you do?

philip toledano

September 01, 2010

philip toledano

im on a baby kick. really enjoyed this story by photographer philip toledano on the antrhopologist.

photo by philip toledano

mono lake

Mono Lake and Clouds 1

i'd like to take a trip to mono lake.

photo by bill wight

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