parker mesa weekend

August 30, 2010

Parker Mesa

it's monday... again...did you have a good weekend?

photo from parker mesa trail in malibu

cee lo green - fuck you

August 27, 2010

loving the graphics for this catchy new cee lo song.

johnny miller photography

August 18, 2010

Johnny Miller

enjoying this photography series by johnny miller under his personal 'love letters' collection.

camera phone attachments

August 16, 2010


this is sooo cool! attachments for your camera photo to make a wide angle or fish eye– i posted about some other attachments before but these look much nicer.

via notcot

magpie's cake

August 13, 2010


oh love love love this rose frill cake by magpie's cake

Poketo for Target

August 12, 2010

Screen shot 2010-08-12 at 8.48.15 AM

loving the new poketo collection for target

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