thursday thoughts

April 29, 2010

thursday thoughts from the notebook doodles


April 28, 2010

recently i have become obsessed with etsy jewely/fashion designer yoko minemura vega of homako. i saw her at unique la and fell in love with her pieces. i bought a cute floral headband and a button necklace similar to the one pictured above, and then started browsing her site and ended up buying another piece. i love her use of color and the oragami feel in some of her other work. it's definitely one of a kind.


April 27, 2010

i saw this wonderful "adaptation" vase from lichen studios over the weekend at unique la the tubes have small magnetic balls at the bottom so you can arrange the tubes anyway you like, it would be a great mothers day gift!


April 26, 2010

have you heard about little liam? liams mom, lynn russel who owns satsuma press is having a giveaway to help raise money for the remodel of liam's bathroom. you can read about his story here. the creative community has come together to put some cool things together if you donate your eligible to win one of the goodies!

need vs want erin hanson

April 23, 2010

what a wonderful series by erin hanson, need vs want. so true that we want everything but all we need is enough to survive. check out more of erin's work at

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flickr friday

Screen shot 2010-04-23 at 9.41.06 AM
it's finally friday! and i am going out to play! looking forward to the weekend, heading out to brunch at bottega-louie and unique on sunday if your in la you should definitely check it out!

isn't the little guy above so adorable?

photography by lpnphotography

j.crew swimwear

April 22, 2010

j.crew has the best swimwear designs, heading to hawaii in 36 days ad wouldn't these be cute for the trip?

retro bando on left and ruffled tank on right. images from

thursday thoughts

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diane birth - valentino

April 20, 2010

check out this fun video directed by dennis liu you can see a behind the scene making of the video here


absolutely loving the look and feel for this shoot with allison from a fine frenzy, photography by angela kohler (the lovely lady behind all of those great kindle commercials)check out more on the shop website

photography by angela kohler images from

graffiti anaylsis

April 19, 2010

check out this beautiful piece by evan roth titled graffiti analysis 2.0: digital blackbook. graffiti analysis is an study about the motion of graffiti, you can learn more about it at

via josh spear

stone and honey prismatic

April 18, 2010

i love everything from stone & honey.

pulse necklace on left and spectral necklace on right. images from stone and honey

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