night shooting

January 31, 2010


i did some night shooting this weekend around mulholland drive (except you can't tell from this photo since mulholland is know for its great view)


January 29, 2010

yellow is my new favorite color... check out this awesome tool i learned about at alt. its called multi-colr search lab idée (but im not really sure how you pronounce it) they take interesting photos from flickr and compile them together based on colors you choose on the color chart. you can pick 1 color or multiple colors! they have a few other "labs" as well that i want to play more with!

flickr friday

by the talented marc johns

alt design summit

January 27, 2010

here is a photo from alt summit, had a wonderful time meeting everyone. on my right jessica, on my left kirsten and to her right rachelle

tea sub

January 26, 2010

this has been floating all over the web but i can't help but posting these! really adorable you can purchase your own from monkey business

alt design summit

January 21, 2010

in salt lake at the alt design summit, lucky enough to be staying at the beautiful grand america hotel. it's very victorian old style but i simply love it the people here have been very welcoming. and check out this key!

it looks almost and feels almost like a real key but it works like a hotel key card where you slide it in and out. it's the little things...

rocking vespa scooter

January 20, 2010

this is awesome... little rocking vespa its a diy but i'd totally buy one if i had a kid!

via inhabitat

it's raining

January 17, 2010

it's raining! heavy drop of rain tinkering on my roof. how i miss the sound of rain...

photo by planetpater

anja mulder

January 12, 2010

how perfect is this photo? so absolutely adorable. photo by anja mulder

paper art by helen musselwhite

beautiful paper art by helen musselwhite

thursday thoughts

January 07, 2010

funny how you can be surrounded by all these people yet still feel so lonely.

print from my little underground

alt design summit

January 05, 2010

i really enjoyed reading this post from mackin ink on the alt design summit it made me happy and sad all at the same time. i am really looking forward to the event!

image by xantheberkeley

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