flickr friday

October 30, 2009

photo by torpore happy halloween!

momofuku cookbook

October 27, 2009

momofuku cookbook is out! get your copy here.

loving stone & honey

absolutely loving these necklaces from stone & honey

ghost cupcakes

October 26, 2009

how cute is this little guy! find the recipe at

shepard fairey

October 19, 2009

Shepard Fairey from Arkitip on Vimeo.

its been a while, life is getting back to a somewhat normal pattern now... found this cool video of shepard fairey working, love it.

christy & josh thomas

October 12, 2009

i have been extremely busy with work and weddings... finally have a moment of down time to try and catch up. had a wonderful time at christy and josh's wedding in augusta this weekend, now its back to more work. see more pictures on my flickr congratulations christy & josh!

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