Art & Copy

August 25, 2009

ART & COPY trailer from Baldwin& on Vimeo.

This looks interesting

ampersand faux cufflinks

August 24, 2009

ampersand faux cufflinks from veer. these would be cute for a wedding too!

flickr friday

August 23, 2009

very behind on blog posting work has taking over my life...
by rosie_hardy

lil kid parrallel parks

August 18, 2009

omg, i love this kid

flickr friday

August 14, 2009

work is consuming me these days... and probably even more so to come... this picture made me laugh by buttonmoOon

iphone trick camera

August 12, 2009

how cool is this! trick camera lens for your iphone! they are suppose to be available at urban outfitters but i was only able to find one of the heart

via make online

incase dslr bags!

August 04, 2009

incase finally making camera bags!

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