customize your sigg!

July 31, 2009

OoOoO i love sigg bottles and now you can customize your own! could be a fun gift idea.
green party by beth retro

j.crew crewcuts

i can't decide if i think the new j.crew crewcuts catalog cover is totally cute or weird looking...

rss icon pillow

July 27, 2009

hehe rss pillows by craftsquatch, reminded me of my friend jerry.. (i think its because your addicted to reader...)


July 26, 2009

i love the way cameras look, id like a collection of vintage/vintage looking cameras in my house. check out these cameras i saw at urban. the first one is a mini rolleiflex digital camera the second a superheadz blackbird camera

help remidies

July 20, 2009

this has to be one of the best medicine/ health pacakges out there! made from molded paper pulp and a bio plastic made primarily of corn. you have to check out their website, click on the help! im bored section so cute!

this is how i feel

July 15, 2009

i saw this clip today from someones facebook, and this is how i feel sometimes when people steal my parking spot, i just want to ram my car into theirs.

spaghetti measure

how cute, spaghetti measure by joseph joseph, this could come in handy. purchase one here.


July 14, 2009

back in california, still wish i was on vacation. see pictures from my trip on flickr

leaving for paris

July 07, 2009

leaving for paris tomorrow tonight! baguettes, chocolate, cheese here i come!
photo by danske

fruit shaped sticky notes

July 02, 2009

how cute are these? fruit shaped sticky notes available in individual packaging or crates! by d-bros

via mocoloco

fancy fast food

doesn't this look fancy? well it is spicy chicken sushi aka fancy popeyes chicken. check out the blog for more fancy fast food creations.

food2 challenge

July 01, 2009

i've entered a few of my food photos into the food2 photo challenge. won't you be so kind and go vote for my photos?

made by julene

check out these wonderful pieces by Julene, custom paper cuts. check out more images on her blog


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