congratulations miso and youngwoo

June 30, 2009

congratulations misoand youngwoo on your big day! a few more pictures from your day.

love necklace

cute necklace by naomimurrel on etsy

typography soap

June 29, 2009

typography soap from fredflare! "crushed ice" scent... what do you think that smells like?


June 25, 2009

loving these placemats by modern-twist. hand silk screen from fda grade silicone.

condiment gun

June 24, 2009

its been a busy week so haven't had much time to post. the girls and i went out to dinner at cakes and ale and stopped by heliotrope and saw this awesome condiment gun how funny is that?

flickr friday

June 19, 2009

its been summer for awhile now but im ready to just sit around and sulk in the sun. going home today, excited to see everyone again.

photo by danske

free letters!

June 18, 2009

free letters!(not quite free.. you have to enter to win.. but i hope i get one! or some!)

going to paris!

June 16, 2009

going to paris in 21 days! hooray!

photo by deleteyourself

flickr friday

June 12, 2009

have a good weekend everyone! photo by karin erikisson

my milk toof

June 10, 2009

my milk toof is so cute! everyone must go over to the blog and read it!

max wagner: adela + rich

June 09, 2009

i've already posted about how much i adore max wagner photography, check out all the photos on his blog. loving the grooms tie too!

kent and london alphabet drawers

June 04, 2009

love this! isn't it fantastic, it's made of solid oak. each drawer opens up! made by kent and london unfortunately for me it's more than i can afford!

via swiss-miss

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