flickr friday

May 29, 2009

busy weekend and week ahead. not a lot of blogging for the next week. hope everyone has a great weekend! photo by tenminutes

cable drop

May 27, 2009

cable drop where have you been all my life? this is the best thing ever! I want one! make that 4 for my office and my home.

via swissmiss

walk-a-ways dress

May 26, 2009

i am loving this dress from anthropologie... maybe i will buy it and wear it to lisa's wedding?

jim denevan

May 22, 2009

jim denevan, you are awesome. chef and artist, he draws freehand in the sand for up to 7 hours and 30 miles! his work is amazing.

via apartment therapy

sorry i'm late

May 20, 2009

"sorry i'm late" stop motion video madness! directed by tomas mankovsky.

national stationary show.

May 16, 2009

i need to set up a reminder way in advance so i can make it out to NYC for the NSS. i always want to go but find out too late. above poster from enormous champion in booth #2036, May 17th – 20th at NSS.

see more NSS preview@ poppytalk

flickr friday

May 15, 2009

& i wish i had more time to play...

by .heath.

flickr friday

May 08, 2009

kathi told me to eat bread. i hope to eat lots of it this weekend!

ampersand pillow

May 05, 2009

i am looking for some accent pillows for my new sofa (coming in this week yay!) i really like these from house industries

3/50 project

May 02, 2009

great idea, to help our independent business during this economy.

thanks denys

flickr friday

May 01, 2009

tgif, i feel like this week has dragged. illustration from marc johns.

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