ferdinand home store

March 31, 2009

ha, i friggin love these i friggin' love you cards, from ferdinand home store.

ping-pong dining table by hunn wai

March 30, 2009

michael, remember when i said you could get a ping pong table as your new dining room table? well here it is.

via designboom

stimulating the economy

March 29, 2009

i have done my share of stimulating the economy the last few days... although i wish i was buying this dauntless dress from anthropologie instead of cleaning supplies and life necessities

honda lights

March 27, 2009

i liked this video.

its been awhile!

it's been awhile! i am in california now, trying to get the hang of everything so will be back to blogging soon. here is a view of my kitchen

Photoshop Tie

March 18, 2009

this makes me smile.

i love you cards

March 17, 2009

i love you cards, what a cute idea, you can donate $1 and get some i love you cards to pass out, they are available in different languages too! iloveyoucards.org

yudu printer

March 14, 2009

introducing the yudu printer! it's a screen printing machine, made easier....check it out yudu.com

flickr friday

March 13, 2009

lots of driving coming up in the next week....via buttonmoon

deluxe carrying case for ampersand

March 10, 2009

illustrator march johns must have read my mind! one of the few things i definitely WANT to pack is my over sized & from the wang's.. not that having a suitcase would make it fit better in my car.. but it would be awesome.


March 09, 2009

loving this print by mary doherty @ red dog via 50x50


March 04, 2009

this is neat, jacket that you can turn into a backpack. not sure how practical it is.. because what do you do with all the stuff you put in the jacket when you need to wear it? anyhow still a cool concept ruckjack.com

design inspiration from living etc.

March 03, 2009

i move to long beach in about 15 days, so i've been busy packing and wrapping things up at work. somewhere in the mix of things i lost my ring : / maybe i'll find it.

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