her morning elegance

January 29, 2009

lovely video and music.


loving the new wave pendant series from brevity

gocco fun!

January 28, 2009

i recently purchased a gocco printer and its by far the best thing i have purchased lately. hopefully i will get around to designing more stuff and start selling some prints on etsy.

happy chinese new year

January 26, 2009

happy chinese new year, get your red envelopes here.

picturing the inauguration

January 21, 2009

check it out! my lovely friend kathi's photo submitted her photo from inauguration day to the nytimes.com and it was one that was picked to be on the slideshow. check the website out for more. michaels looking pretty hot eh!

manifest hope

January 19, 2009

notcot posted some pictures from manifest hope gallery in dc. tomorrow is an exciting day for our country wish i was in dc to celebrate. check out notcot for more pictures. (on another note how awesome is it to have so many original pieces of art of your face!?)

engrave your book

January 14, 2009

is back! after shutting down operation after they learned the laser etching directly on the moleskines was harmful, they have come back with leather slip covers to fit over your moleskines.

rex ray

January 13, 2009

meet my new favorite artist rex ray. i'd love to have one of the resin pieces in my home.

wellness sky

with all the new year hype of losing weight how would you like to work out here? wellness sky in belgrade designed by 4of7. (on another note how crazy does that elliptical look!)

via thecoolhunter.net

orla kiely housewares for target

January 12, 2009

*gasp jumping for joy* orla kiely housewares for the fabulous target! i love the patterns/designs but never can afford the stuff, must stock up in february for my imaginary home.

via apartment therapy

flickr friday

January 09, 2009

work less live more, via travis

david trubridge

pretty new lampshade from david trubridge made from recyclable polypropylene

melissa borrell

January 07, 2009

i love melissa borrells 'pop out' jewelry collection. pictured above is the leaf pop out from moma you can also see more of melissas designs at supermarket

keira knightley wedding style

January 06, 2009

mandy showed me this picture of keira knightley in a wedding gown that looks like a gigantic tutu, its almost good as dresses with pockets.... see more on fashionbride.

lisa get a tutu!


January 05, 2009

okay sorry jerry, i know you like the one post one day but this is my new favorite program! i saw it before but never actually downloaded, it turns your photos into polaroids! go download it now poladroid.net

transforming candle

cool! was browsng through delight and found this cool transforming candle. the heat from the candle exposes the design on the black.


January 04, 2009

buchstaben museum aka museum of letters! how awesome is that? see more pictures on core 77

via core77

max wanger photography

beautiful photography by max wanger

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