new lotta bag!

October 30, 2008

i am loving lottas round wool bag. i think if i had the bag, it would keep me warm...

don't vote

i saw this ad today, and i thought it was pretty well made thought id share.

selena rose

pretty textile design from selena rose

jessica williams

October 29, 2008

i just saw these photos from jessica williams they are simple, unique, beautiful and totally speaks to my world right now... "everything will be alright"

via black*eiffel

tara donovan

October 28, 2008

this is a little bit old from tara donovan, but i just discovered it and im loving it.

jason sho green

my friend jason sho green just discovered that some of his biggest clients are filing for bankrupcy so in hopes of gaining some extra funds his sketches are on sale! im a big fan of his work, so go help a starving artist out!

kay melamine

October 23, 2008

i just learned my dear friend kay has a collection out over at working class studio!
i am so thrilled to see her collection out. hurry and get your own set.

orange beautiful calendars

October 16, 2008

its almost the new year! well not exactly almost but the year has definitely flown by an 2009 will be here before you know it. i love the use of typography in these calendars from orange beautiful. they are each letterpressed so each one is like a small work of art! you can pre-order yours on her etsy site .

seoane design

October 13, 2008

oh how i wish i had a home, this beautiful table from seoane design would be the centerpiece of my breakfast room.

via design*sponge

fun photographs

here is a fun way to capture photographs.

alphabet ice and more....

alphabet ice trays from charles & marie! could be a fun idea to identify your cup with your name... until the ice melts of course... but lots of creative ways to use the ice silicone tray.

old tom foolery

October 12, 2008

what is not to love about these letterpressed cards by old tom foolery?

st. bartholomew’s church

October 08, 2008

i'd like to go to this church! designed by Jakub Berdych from Qubus Studio

kathryn riechert

in college i bought a ring from kathryn reichert from shop scad, that was engraved with the words "pursue happiness" it was my favorite piece of jewelry and i never took it off. but i lost it when i was cutting someones hair somehow... so i have finally reordered myself a new one, can't wait till it comes in. i think its a nice little reminder of how i try to live. you can order yours on her etsy or her kathryn reichert.


October 06, 2008

while i was out in california i stopped by the fresh store, i love the packaging and the clean look of everything, although i wasnt willing to lay down the dough for any of their products. today i got a pleasant surprise from my project manager, she bought me a bundle of fresh items for me.

stiletto swim slippers

October 02, 2008

okay are these the most innovative slippers you have seen yet? notcot posted about these swim slippers that slip onto your stiletto shoes to protect you from the rain. according to notcot they will be available on in a few days.

bag holder

girls check this out, a purse holder you can take around with you so you never have to put your fancy purse on the floor. what a great invention, get yours from

iannone design

just got back from my california trip, it was great, not long enough of course, and loads of interesting and inspiring things to see. 1st vacation day in los angeles we walked around west 3rd and spotted this amazing console by iannone design. you can choose from the dandelion or robin design or even design your own. this collection is made from all fsc plywoods and formaldehyde free plywoods aka green.

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