mr. & mrs. jones juicers

August 28, 2008

sqqquze some lemons over your head! this is a cute wedding gift idea or housewarming idea, not sure im completely sold on the $90 but its a cute idea...get yours here...

mini robo vacuum

hehe check out this mini robo vacuum
at fredflare.comnot sure how well it actually works but i think its a cute idea!

snow and graham

August 25, 2008

after much anticipated wait snow and graham have finally launched their website. snow and graham were one of the first letterpress companies i fell in love with. check out their website now!

kick ass crate and barrel table

August 21, 2008

loving this alpha table by crate and barrel!

bride & wolfe

i am loving these timber cut creations by miranda moreira of bride & wolfe the beautiful pieces would make great wall decor.

los angeles

August 19, 2008

i could live here. i am in los angeles for a few days with work, we are staying on the fox theater lot and they are filming bones in the lobby of our hotel, and we passed by the filming of entourage. the weather is fabulous, i think i could ove here... if i never had to drive...


August 17, 2008

i am in love with these fatboy beanbag furniture. its so comfortable and they come in such cute patterns or simple solid colors. get yours at

faces in places

August 11, 2008

i found a new blog that i thought was super cute, faces in places, a blog with found faces in random places!

bird feeder

August 07, 2008

i am loving this bird feeder by feel more human.

bly the king

August 06, 2008

my cute coozie for my phone from etsy's bly the king, made from vintage fabric just ordered, hope it fits like a glove when it gets here!

this is pretty

August 04, 2008

i can't read the site... but i love the glass dome for your sweets!

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