lotta sale!

June 27, 2008

lotta jansdotter is having a summer sale! lots of things are on sale go check it out!

nantaka joy

June 25, 2008

i can not wait until the day that i can go on press with some of my designs, but for now i can admire others. i love joys new collection for nantaka joy. i have seen her work just appear everywhere, congrats joy!

little factory

June 19, 2008

a scarf, made of type, by little factory what is not to love? i do wonder how warm it would actually keep you.. but its lovely.

melting words by kotama bouabane

June 18, 2008

i am loving these photo series by kotama bouabane.

via oh joy

dayles ford organic

pretty packaging can make anything look delicious, check out these items from dayles ford organic.


just got an email from jean aw from notcot.com, tastespotting.com... etc... and she is working on another site (still in its alpha stages now..)liqurious.com its definitely not tastespotting but it does look mouth watering.


June 17, 2008

my first scrubs how adorable......

via swissmiss

very sad day.. tastespotting

June 13, 2008

its a very sad day today, because one of my favorite sites tastespotting.com is no longer operating. : / the site was really great, i loved checking out all the new delicious foods and random kitchen gadets, hopefully the legal complications will resolve and it will be up again soon....

a presentation by beau bergeron

June 12, 2008

check out this innovative presentation by beau bergeron, its really great... even if there are a few typos...

top chef

congratulations to top chef stephanie! i am glad that it was a woman who won although my heart was definitely set on home town richard blais. all i know is, i would have been completely floored had lisa won the title of top chef. i will be heading over to richards new place "home" next week for dinner i am looking forward to it!

lotta: simple sewing

June 11, 2008

i got my simple sewing book by lotta jansdotter yesterday! i am excited to see what i can make, using just my hands. ive been wanting a sewing machine for the longest time but still havent gotten my hands on one, maybe after i finish a few projects ill buy myself a nice new machine.


June 09, 2008

when i have a place of my own, i know the one thing i must have is a wall full of books. since college my book collection has grown and outgrown my little ikea 4x4 i am loving this shelf by neuland-id

indie craft experience

June 08, 2008

this weekends ice festival was awesome. seeing all the artist and designs make me all happy inside. here are some pictures from the event.cute cupcake croches by sweet honey complex

plush toys by fattycakes

the two above were from the family chicken, she puts together some beautiful pieces of fabic into cute little creatures...all hand stiched.

i fell in love with this cute little birdie necklace and had to get my hands on it, so it was my little gift to myself this weekend. necklace by wingo design.

hello kitty

June 06, 2008

growing up i had a huge obsession with hello kitty i was browsing the artist for ICE this weekend and came upon this cute little hello kitty dressed as a elephant stich charm on pookehs etsy


my sister is out of the country for a month in tiawan so i am baby-sitting the pup. its been a lot of work but i do see a change her in her. i was browsing on etsy last night for all things puppy saw this cute little robot tee by blackenedangel

looking forward to the weekend

June 05, 2008

i am looking forward to the weekend this week has been so long and there is still another day left. there are a few things happening this weekend in atlanta, indie craft experience in centennial park i haven't been to ICE before so I am really looking forward to meeting all the artist and seeing all crafty items.

as well as ICE atlanta the virginia highland summerfest is going on too. sarah and i are going to head to both of those events this weekend and take chloe, the pup to the park. can't wait! i'll post pictures next week.

atlantis chandelier

June 02, 2008

check out this ridiculously good looking chandelier from hudson furniture my co-worker just show me. its sexy isn't it ? it reminds me of a super hot dress.

petit collage

cute wooden collages from petit collage

retro bathing suit

June 01, 2008

i am in the search for a new retro bathing suit. i am in love with this red one by norma kamali collection but too bad its $350!
juicy has some cute new one piece bathing suits that are sort of on the retro side, its still on the $$ side but not as bad at the norma kamali one.

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