May 29, 2008

at the brooklyn flea market they were selling these shirts and bags "this is why im hot" it made me laugh its cleaver and funny yes? i wanted to buy shirt but they didnt have my size.

mast brothers chocolate

May 28, 2008

just got back from my trip to nyc for memorial weekend, it was nice and relaxing. on sunday we spent a day in brooklyn and went to the brooklyn flea market. i spotted these beautiful chocolate packaing from mast brothers chocolate. they work with designers in italy for the wrapping. visit

pop-up table place mat

May 23, 2008

disposable pop up table place mats by publique living, how adorable and beautiful are these? im not sure they are entirely practical but i love them the detail is beautiful

'telescope' from london to brooklyn

this is completely random but it allows new yorkers (brooklyners to be exact) to see people in london in real time! you can read out it here...
image from

installation: variable dimensions

May 21, 2008

this is a neat type installation by artist sebastian lemm a native of germany who has now relocated to new york city. check out his website for more

alphabets + numbers

these are some cute posters for kids... or people like me... who just think they are plain cute! the first one is by robin rosenthal and the 2nd one by decoylab

i.v. for your plants

May 20, 2008

this is awesome, its a self watering iv for plants featuring a medical drip feed. now you don't have to worry about forgetting to feed the plant! i definitely need me one of these...

via josh spears

huge type looks sweet

huge type looks sweet and so does this tshirt! its rocking and im totally get it. get yours here.

helvetica type wall

May 19, 2008

i love type and when i get my own place i want to dedicate one side of the wall for these iconic panels from b+n (and then another side for an entire wall of books!) they come in lots of different colors as well but the white matte is my favorite.

bug pattern

i saw this little buggy over the weekend and really loved the color and pattern of the bug no idea what kind of bug it is though....

jct kitchen & bar

May 15, 2008

i had dinner at jct kitchen & bar tonight with design team from work and laura, our print gal. it was a tasty evening startng out with truffle-parmesan fries and "angry" mussels. i had beef short ribs for dinner they crumbled in my mouth soft and delicious. the truffle parmesan fries were tasty too but definitely no as good as shuans.

lotta jansdotter

lotta jansdotter always has beautiful prints and patterns. I really want to get my hands on this bag the print and the linen is awesome and you can even throw it in the washer when its dirty!

"tape" dispenser

May 14, 2008

check out this 'tape' dispenser from the hidden art loving it!

design week nyc

i am so bummed that i am missing design week by a mere few days in nyc. if i had known earlier i would have planned better and gone up to nyc earlier but now the change fee/hotel fee is uber expensive. at least i have some good bloggers who will post pictures of their adventures.

click the links below to see what's happening
core 77 design week
metropolis programs at icff
meat-packing district design week
national stationery show

elena manferdini: merletti

May 13, 2008

i wish i had the ability to travel around the world and see exhibitions whenever i wanted to. sadly i can't, so i will have to enjoy the pictures i find online. above is an exhibition from artist elena manferdinis insipred by the intricacies of lace in a large scale itsn't it just beautiful?

dresses with pockets

May 12, 2008

whoever invented dresses with pockets is the smartest person ever! i love them. pockets in dresses and polka dots what a perfect combo. Flamenco-dot Marguerite dress from

image from


May 09, 2008

i love kaboodle, its basically your amazon wish list for everything online, its a great way to keep all your favorite things all in one space. instead of bookmarking all of the sites you can just add what you like... my kaboodle i wish i was the person who came up with this... but sadly i wasn't...

somethings that i have been eyeing on my list...
nestling necklace from figs and ginger

definition necklace from elsewares

address file from lovelydesign unfortunately its been out of stock for awile...

national stationary show

oh how i would love to go to the nss, unlucky for me im going to nyc 2 days too late. i would love to work with any of these designers. check out their bios here mixed co.

first post....

May 08, 2008

so, i've decided to start a little blog... just to help me collect my thoughts and remind me of things that inspire me and motivate me. aren't those the cutest shoes ever? my little cousin mala and her blanket...

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